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Welcome to MandoMutt!!! Thanks for dropping in on our website. MandoMutt, Delilah (aka L’il Pup) and I are so glad you’re here and we hope you’ll enjoy your visit. Whether you’re here looking at one of our acoustic stringed instruments to purchase, trade or just “window shopping”, we hope you like what you see and that you’ll add us to your web favorites and continue to check back with us periodically to check our inventory. We have several new additions to our inventory this week including;

MandoMutt’s Return Policy We offer a 48 hour Approval period on all instrument purchases, but not on trade deals. If you purchase an instrument from us and decide within 48 hours of receipt that it’s not for you, you may return it to us, no questions asked. Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees in event of a return. Additionally, we only accept a return if the instrument is returned in the exact condition as when it left our hands. We will not accept returns if any alterations or modifications of any kind, have been made to the instrument. This includes truss rod adjustments, bridge adjustments or any other alteration, modification or adjustment and so forth.

A word about the MandoMutt Beyond Beast award. As many of our frequent visitors know, our very best instruments may be awarded as a Beyond Beast. You may wonder, just how do we determine a Beyond Beast. We actually have a 30 point number system and six categories, with five being the highest and one being the lowest score in each category. An instrument must score a 28 out 30, or better to be recognized as a Beyond Beast. The six categories are: 1) Tone 2) Volume 3) Fit and Finish 4) Set up and Playability 5) Appointments (bling?) 6) Cosmetic Condition (wear and tear)

Chatter Box

I was doing some reading in the book of Isaiah the other day and came upon one of my favorite Bible verses, Isaiah 40:8 The grass withereth and the flowers fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever. That is strong.  All things on this earth will change and all life will die an earthly death. Seasons will come and they will go, but the word of God will never change.

It gives me great comfort to know that God’s word will always stay the same. His word is the same today as it was yesterday and it will remain the same tomorrow. You can take it to the bank. The ten commandments are the same. Every book in the Bible. The same. God doesn’t lie. He tells truths 100% of the time, all the time, forever. And God doesn’t change His mind. Ever.

In a related verse, Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent; hath He said, and will He not do it? or hath He spoken, and shall He not maketh good? That is some powerful stuff.

Quote for the day;I used to say that Politics is the second oldest profession [prostitution being the oldest], but I have come to realize that it bears a gross similarity to the first.” Ronald Reagan

Thought for the day; Farewell to the King of the Blues. B.B. King touched the lives of more people worldwide than any other blues artist ever and loved by all. A fine and friendly person to all as well. Long live the King! You’ll be sorely missed, B!!!

Interesting Links

    Here’s a christian based website owned by MandoMutt friend Steven Clarkson. Check it out, I think it may be a blessing to you; loveprayobey.com/home.cfm

    You may find this website to have some very cool and interesting guitars. Let us know what you think about www.blackowlguitars.com

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