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Welcome to MandoMutt!!! Thanks for dropping in on our website. MandoMutt, Delilah (aka L’il Pup) and I are so glad you’re here and we hope you’ll enjoy your visit. Whether you’re here looking at one of our acoustic stringed instruments to purchase, trade or just “window shopping”, we hope you like what you see and that you’ll add us to your web favorites and continue to check back with us periodically to check our inventory.

We have several new additions to our inventory this week including;

MandoMutt’s Return Policy

We offer a 48 hour Approval period on all instrument purchases, but not on trade deals. If you purchase an instrument from us and decide within 48 hours of receipt that it’s not for you, you may return it to us, no questions asked. Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees in event of a return.

Additionally, we only accept a return if the instrument is returned in the exact condition as when it left our hands. We will not accept returns if any alterations or modifications of any kind, have been made to the instrument. This includes truss rod adjustments, bridge adjustments or any other alteration, modification or adjustment, no matter how minor or insignificant said modification may be in your mind. We simply cannot and will not accept a return if the instrument has been modified in any way, shape or form.

Chatter Box

I recently had a pair in the Book of Psalms that caught my attention. They are closely related and are certainly relevant to my life.

Psalms 25:4 Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach my thy paths. This verse reminds me that I don’t always know God’s ways and the paths that He has laid out for me. I need to pray that He will show me His wonderous ways and constantly ask that He’ll direct me and teach me His paths. I need His guidance daily. Without it I easily falter and wander aimlessly on worldly paths. I become frustrated and angry. His path is indeed narrow, but straight and are safely and fruitfully navigated, provided I pray, listen and watch.

Psalms 143:10 Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness. This one speaks volumes to me. Man, do I need to be taught to do His will. Really! I have a very strong self will and every time I practice my will and attempt to impose my will, I end up significantly lost and emotionally unsettled, to say the least. It’s only when I’m humbled and seek God’s will that I can find comfort and serenity. Can I be taught to do God’s will today? Thy spirit is good….

Quote for the day; “You should not place a ? where God placed a period.  Local Church Billboard

Thought for the day; Ahhh, the boys of summer!

Interesting Links

    Here’s a christian based website owned by MandoMutt friend Steven Clarkson. Check it out, I think it may be a blessing to you; loveprayobey.com/home.cfm

    You may find this website to have some very cool and interesting guitars. Let us know what you think about www.blackowlguitars.com

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