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2012 Skip Kelley A-5
2012 Skip Kelley A-5

Light Weight, BIG Voice!!!

2012 Skip Kelley A-5More Details
We sold this mandolin, s/n 38, new a couple of years back. Just got it back on Consignment, as owner has decided to purchase a new Gibson Fern. All Kelley mandolins are strong and powerful, but this one strikes us as one of his most responsive to date.

Specs; Carpathian Spruce top, Big Leaf Maple back/sides/neck an antique sunburst, hand rubbed varnish finish. Triple bound (b/w/b) body, fretboard and headstock, radiused Ebony fretboard, engraved James tailpiece, Elite tuning gears and topped off with a modified "vine" Abalone inlay.

As mentioned, this mandolin is very responsive with a warm, dry, somewhat dark tone with an exceptional mid-range and clear, cutting highs. Big, bossy bluegrass chop. Lightweight, but powerful. Excellent choice for bluegrass music. Will excel on stage, in studio or parking lot picking.

Like new condition. Has one blemish on the top where the stain did something a little weird in an area near the bass f-hole, approximately 1/4" in diameter. You'd probably never notice it if I hadn't mentioned it.

Includes a Golden Gate hard shell case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $2,399.95

2011 Girouard F-5 ***SOLD**
2011 Girouard F-5 ***SOLD**


2011 Girouard F-5 ***SOLD**More Details
This 2011 model was custom built for a gentleman right here in NC and it features; Adirondack Spruce top, highly flamed European Maple back/sides/ neck in a brown Tobacco brown sunburst spirit varnished finish, triple bound body and headstock, single bound fretboard.

Additional appointments include; flat Macassar Ebony fretboard, James tailpiece, Golden Age tuning gears and a Abalone flowerpot headstock inlay.

Easily the best sounding mandolin in it's price range, this instrument rocks the Casbah. Nice traditional dry, woody tone with excellent balance and projection. Strong bluegrass chop.

Excellent cosmetic condition. Top has some minor surface scratches and a small ping or two. Partial bridge base footprint shows in thin varnish. Light fret wear. Has a few string scratches on the headstock. Rather healthy scratch at lower point.

Includes Protec hardshell case. Trades considered on this fine USA built instrument.

Price: $2,749.95

2013 Northfield NF-5S **SOLD**
2013 Northfield NF-5S **SOLD**


2013 Northfield NF-5S **SOLD**More Details
Positively the cream of the Pac-rim pack. Has the look, feel and sound of a good Gibson. In fact, the back looks identical to a F-5G.

Specs: Adirondack Spruce top, figured Maple back/sides/neck in a traditional sunburst in a gloss lacquer finish. Top is tortoise bound. Radiused Ebony fretboard, abbreviated Ebony pickgaurd, cast tailpiece and Schaller tuning gears.

Nice traditional sounding mandolin with that dry woody "pop" and a big, rich voice. Really stout and focused bluegrass chop. Sweet set up too, very easy to play.

High marks all around. Can't really find much to dislike, other than they (Northfields) still seem a tad pricey considering they're Chinese made. That said, they're (at least this one) definitely a cut above any other pac-rims we've had, particularly in the all important sound category.

Near mint condition overall. Shows maybe a few ultra light blemishes and minor fretwear. That's it. Very clean.

Includes semi-hard Travelite style case. Trades are welcome.

Price: $2,299.95

2012 Kentucky KM-5000
Special / Sale Price - 2012 Kentucky KM-5000

Bill Monroe Centennial Edition

2012 Kentucky KM-5000More Details
Limited Edition, number 33 of 100, label signed by James Monroe. Commemorates Bill Monroe's 100th birthday. Professional quality mandolin.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, flamed Northern Michigan Maple back/sides/neck, cremona sunburst Spirit Varnished finish, 3-ply bindings throughout, flat Ebony fretboard, engraved traditional tailpiece and Gotoh tuning gears with pearl buttons. Head stock features image of Bill Monroe in an exquisite mother-of-pearl inlay.

Exquisite sound too. Cream of the pac-rim crop, for sure. Dry and warm tone with complex over tones and a strong chop. Outstanding bluegrass sound.

Top has a small area of ultra light marks in finish from "pinky plant", only visible when viewed at an angle. Otherwise mint condition.

Offered with repro oblong case with case cover.

Price: $2,499.95
Price: $2,099.95

2012 Kimble F-5 **SOLD**
2012 Kimble F-5 **SOLD**

A MandoMutt Hoss!

2012 Kimble F-5 **SOLD**More Details
It's been awhile since we last crossed paths with one of Will Kimble's remarkable mandolins. Too long, in fact. The opportunity to own one these handcrafted gems is rare and, as a result, they never hang around long, so act accordingly.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, highly figured Maple back/sides/neck in a med-dark sunburst, varnish finish, 3-ply bindings throughout. Flat Ebony fretboard, tone bar bracing, Waverly tuning gears with Ebony buttons, engraved James tailpiece and abbreviated Ebony pickguard.

Stellar sound. This hoss has been played a lot in the two years since Will Kimble signed the label and has opened up quite nicely. Dry, dark and woody tone with outstanding balance. Powerful and responsive with a tremendous chop. Just set up and plays easy.

Excellent-minus condition showing some play wear on the top, including a few rather significant dings. Headstock has a good deal of string scratches. Finish has been removed from back of neck (speed neck). Just back from the shop for fret dressing and set up.

Includes oblong Vintage Series TKL. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $8,499.95

2000 Weber Big Sky
2000 Weber Big Sky


2000 Weber Big SkyMore Details
We've had quite a few Sound to Earth instruments here at the Mutt, but this is our very first Big Sky model. It's a retired X-braced model, that was Weber's top-of-the-line offering at one time. Very nice instrument with unique stylings, excellent appointments and very good sound.

Specs; tight grained Sitka (we think) Spruce top, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a traditional tobacco burst gloss lacquer finish, 3-ply bindings on body and headstock, single ply bound fretboard. Radiused Ebony fretboard features Celtic style position inlays and large fret wire and Ebony Brekke(?) bridge.

Celtic style headstock inlays. Gold hardware includes Deluxe Schaller tuning gears with pearl buttons and cast Weber tailpiece.

Excellent to Exc+ condition. Shows some light play wear, basically superficial finish scratches and hazing. Fairly recent re-fret with light fret wear. 1/8+/- dia. chip in top coat on lower point. Looks like the tailpiece may not be original as finish has a footprint from the original that was likely a traditional style tailpiece. Neck has a well worn area in the finish approximately an inch in length from thumb. Headstock has some light string scratches. Overall, she's quite clean for a 14+ year old instrument.

Includes original hard shell case. Trades gladly considered on this fine, American made instrument.

Price: $2,999.95

2005 Weber Bridger
2005 Weber Bridger

Sweet Blonde!

2005 Weber BridgerMore Details
Very first Bridger model we've had at MandoMutt. Cool arched top, tear drop shaped A-style with `D' shaped soundhole, modified X-bracing and unique sound.

Specs; very tight grained Sitka Spruce (or perhaps Cedar?) top with exquisitely bound soundhole, highly flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a blonde matte lacquer finish, 3-ply bindings border body and headstock and single ply Ivoroid bound fretboard.

Radiused Ebony fretboard with diamond position inlays and large fret wire, Ebony Brekke bridge and nickel hardware includes cast Weber tailpiece and Schaller tuning gears. Headstock features Ebony overlay, Weber logo and Celtic knot inlays.

Excellent overall condition, but does have a significant amount of pick marks and superficial finish scratches on body and headstock. Finish is very glossy in area on upper bout, perhaps where previous owners arm rested. Also has a "pinky shine" area below strings. Back of neck is rather glossy as well and finish is worn from thumb in an area about the size of a nickle where neck meets headstock. Minor fretwear.

Includes a hardshell case, but may not be original. I think Weber had started providing the nice, padded grey cases by 2005.

Trades gladly considered on this fine, American made instrument.

Price: $1,999.95

2006 Henderson F-5
2006 Henderson F-5


2006 Henderson F-5More Details
Another MandoMutt first. We've played a couple of these over the years, but this is the first Henderson we've offered for sale. This F-5, s/n 99 was built for Chase Joyner in 2006. The top was replaced by Wayne a couple years back, due to some sinkage that was apparently caused by the case it was housed in.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, one piece figured Maple back, Maple sides and neck, in a dark sunburst varnished finish, 3-ply bound body, single bound fretboard and headstock. Radiused Ebony fretboard and adjustable bridge. Gold hardware includes traditional tailpiece and Schaller tuning gears. Elegant and unique headstock inlays.

Very traditional sounding bluegrass mandolin. Dry and woody. Emphasis on woody. Balanced tones and quite responsive. Powerful chop. We can certainly understand why Wayne's mandolins are so hard to come by. Definitely has Beyond Beast sound.

Excellent minus to Excellent condition. Fit and finish is a little rough around the bindings, as a result of top replacement. Finish is worn on treble side of the neck from nut to 5th fret or so. Headstock shows string scratches and finish blemishes from a clip-on tuner. Frets are perfect.

Includes well traveled oblong TKL. Case has stickers and significant wear.

Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $12,499.95