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1996 Dearstone F-5D
1996 Dearstone F-5D

Road HOSS!

1996 Dearstone F-5DMore Details
Early Dearstone mandolin, s/n 31, with label signed Oct. 25, 1996. This one's a road warrior with an abundance of character and natural distressing. It features excellent playability and killer tone. This mandolin is a Hoss!

Specs; Redwood top and Curly Maple back/sides/neck in a vintage merlot sunburst hand rubbed gloss lacquer finish. 3-ply bindings on body and headstock, single Ivoroid bound fretboard. Radiused Ebony fretboard, engraved traditional tailpiece, Abalone flower pot headstock inlay and gold Gotoh tuning gears.

As mentioned, she's got ton's of character. Most notably, a repaired top crack that begins near bottom of bass f-hole and runs north approx. 4". Repaired by Ray Dearstone. Also shows significant finish wear below fretboard from "pinky rest". Top shows numerous scratches, scuffs and dings and headstock has some rather significant scrapes and scratches. Frets have minimal wear. Speed neck.

Monster sound. If you are a fan of Shawn Lane and his fine Dearstone, you'll love this mandolin. I think it's sound is quite comparable to Shawn's. Deep, dry and woody tone with a massive voice. Really powerful and responsive. Has sound you can feel, all the way down your body and through your feet.

Includes a shaped TKL hard shell case. Trades gladly considered on this fine USA built mandolin.

Price: $3,249.50

2015 Collings MF Deluxe
2015 Collings MF Deluxe


2015 Collings MF DeluxeMore Details
Classy Collings MF featuring upgraded appointments; gloss top and headstock, grained ivoroid binding on headstock and fretboard and ivoroid bound pickguard. Aesthetically stunning sunburst finish.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce in a medium-dark sunburst gloss lacquer top, Maple back/sides/neck in the standard satin finish, Ivoroid bound top, fretboard and headstock, radiused Ebony fretboard, parallel tone bar bracing, nickel hardware and abbreviated Ebony pickguard.

Strong sounding MF, perhaps a cut above the MF pack. Rich and woody tone. Chunky bluegrass chop and excellent volume.

New condition. No flaws or blemishes. Impeccable Collings fit and finish and expert set up. Includes Collings case.

Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $4,499.95

1991 Gibson Monroe Limited Edition **SOLD**
1991 Gibson Monroe Limited Edition **SOLD**

Early Varnished Model!!!

1991 Gibson Monroe Limited Edition **SOLD**More Details
Delightful Gibson Monroe Model that is extremely clean. Cool collector grade instrument, nearly 25 years old and looks like new. This example is No. 18 of the original 200 that featured featured a varnished finish. It was built in Boseman, Montana and label signed by legendary Flatiron foreman, Steve Carlson on September 9, 1991.

Specs; Sitka Spruce top, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a cremona burst varnished finish, 3-ply side bound body, single bound fretboard and headstock, flat Ebony fretboard, tone bar bracing, traditional tailpiece engraved with "The Gibson" and Grover tuning gears with pearl buttons.

Also features; mother-of-pearl truss rod cover inscribed with Bill Monroe's facsimile signature, and mother-of-pearl flower pot headstock inlay. Two labels, one signed by Bill Monroe, the other by Steve Carlson.

Likely the best 90's Gibson to pass through MandoMutt and features a dry, articulate voice. Nice, traditional sounding mandolin with good volume and a percussive chop.

Near mint condition. One light finish scratch on upper rim and a tiny nick on the scroll. Tailpiece cover has become cloudy. Otherwise, like new. Varnish finish is lovely. A fine lookin' ol' Gibson.

Includes original Paganoni Loar replica case. Same case Gibson still ships their Master Models in. Inside of case has bronze plaque engraved with;
Signature Model
Limited Edition 18 of 200

Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $9,499.95

2007 Gibson F-9 **SOLD**
2007 Gibson F-9 **SOLD**

Radius Fretboard!!!

2007 Gibson F-9 **SOLD**More Details
I've always found that Gibson mandolins from the Danny Roberts era are hit and miss. This one is one of the hits. It features a radius fretboard and awesome Gibson tone.

Specs; Sitka Spruce top, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a medium dark sunburst satin lacquer finish, radiused Ebony fretboard, adjustable Ebony bridge, Grover tuning machines, traditional engraved tailpiece and tone bar bracing.

Outstanding traditional tone, dry and woody with good balance and volume and a big, chunky chop. Exceptional bluegrass mandolin.

Excellent-plus condition. Does have some pick mark scratches above and below fretboard an a small ding on back/bottom edge near endpin. That's about it. Somewhere along the line someone had the fretboard radiused and small fretwire replaced with banjo wire. Fantastic set up.

Includes original TKL shaped hard shell case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $2,599.99

2011 Weber Custom Yellowstone **SOLD**
2011 Weber Custom Yellowstone **SOLD**

Eye Candy!

2011 Weber Custom Yellowstone **SOLD**More Details
Exquisite Weber mandolin that features some stunning Custom appointments including an "Apollo Burst" finish and aftermarket inlay work (fretboard and headstock) by Custom Pearl Inlay of New York.

Specs: Adirondack Spruce top, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in Apollo Burst gloss lacquer finish, 3-ply tortoise bound body and headstock, radiused Ebony fretboard with Mother-of-Pearl block inlays and tone bar bracing.

Additional Appointments: Abalone "Fern" headstock inlay, 1-3/32" nut width and nickel hardware includes Weber cast tailpiece and Grover tuning gears with black buttons.

Sound: Dynamic sounding mandolin featuring a warm, woody tone. Strong mid-range "pop" and nicely balanced. Big bluegrass chop and excellent volume. We haven't played many Weber's that sound anywhere close to this gem.

Excellent to excellent-plus condition. Has two finish checks on upper side, an area of very light finish scratching near tailpiece, several small/tiny nicks in top coat on back edge, some string scratches on headstock and minor fretwear. Small area where finish is worn on treble side of neck from nut to first fret.

Includes shaped Weber case. Trades considered on this fine, American made instrument.

Price: $3,249.95

2012 Collings MT
2012 Collings MT

Stellar Sound!!!

2012 Collings MTMore Details
Always a fine choice in an American made mandolin, the Collings MT is hard to beat in the "entry level" instruments. This example shows a little wear, but it's voice opened up very nicely.

Specs; Engelmann Spruce top, highly figured Maple back/sides/neck in a caramel sunburst satin finish. Radiused Ebony fretboard, 1-1/8" nut width and parallel tone bars. Chrome hardware includes cast tailpiece and Gotoh tuning machines with Ivoroid knobs.

A delightful sounding mandolin that a deep, dry and woody tone. Wicked `D' string and a huge bluegrass chop. Loud. This mandolin has been played quite a bit in it's relatively short life and has opened up quite well.

Excellent to Excellent-minus condition. Body has several small pings and dings, mostly around the edges. Moderate fretwear and tailpiece is cloudy. Shows "pinky shine" below fretboard, and headstcok has scuffs around the top edge from clip-on. One of the tuner buttons is scarred.

Just returned from the shop with new bone nut and pro setup.

Includes original Collings hard shell case. Trades considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $1,749.95

2005 Kimble A-5
Special / Sale Price - 2005 Kimble A-5


2005 Kimble A-5More Details
Lovely little lightweight songbird, built by Will Kimble, formerly from our great Tar Heel state. You just don't see many of these available on the used market and there's always been a waiting list for a new Kimble, at least as far as I can remember. Of course, sometimes my memory doesn't cover very much territory, but none the less, rare to see one of Will's fine mandolins available for purchase. I think this Kimble, s/n 87, is only the 6th or 7th we've had in thirteen or so years.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce Top, extreme 3D flamed Red Maple back/sides/neck in a traditional cremona sunburst varnished finish. 3-ply bindings throughout, radiused Ebony fretboard, 1-1/8" nut width, Abalone "Vine" headstock inlay, engraved James tailpiece, abbreviated Ebony pickguard and Schaller tuning machines.

Powerful mandolin featuring a rich, dynamic tone, evenly balanced across the board, clean and clear. Strong bluegrass chop. Lightweight instrument and an easy player.

Near mint condition showing light play wear. A few light surface scratches and marks on top and minor fret wear.

Includes shaped TKL case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $4,499.95
Price: $4,249.95

2008 Gibson F-9
2008 Gibson F-9

Hot Deal!

2008 Gibson F-9More Details
Nice, well played Gibson. This f-style workhorse features a classic voice and a stunning Maple back. Perhaps the prettiest back we've seen on a F-9.

Specs; Sitka Spruce top, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a medium dark sunburst satin lacquer finish, flat Ebony fretboard, adjustable Ebony bridge, Grover tuning machines, traditional engraved tailpiece and tone bar bracing.

Outstanding traditional sounding mandolin, rich and woody tone with good balance, excellent volume and clarity and a strong chop. Ideal bluegrass mandolin, but versatile enough for just about any genre.

Excellent-minus condition cosmetically. Does have it's share of dings and scratches, mainly on edges of body and headstock. Satin finish has become somewhat glossy in several spots; below fretboard ("pinky shine"), where right arm rests and center of back. Tailpiece cover is slightly tarnished. Recent fret dressing.

Includes a rectangular, Eastman semi-hard case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $2,399.95

2013 Northfield F-5M **SOLD**
2013 Northfield F-5M **SOLD**

stunning, Stunning, STUNNING!!!

2013 Northfield F-5M **SOLD**More Details
In the market for a top shelf mandolin with a traditional look, feel and sound that won't break the bank? Look right here. right now. This beasty bargain has it all. Features include an Engelmann Spruce top, one piece Maple back, "modern set-up" and brand new finish.

Specs; Engelmann Spruce top, figured Maple back/sides/neck in a traditional cremona burst varnish finish, 3-ply bindings everywhere. Body is triple bound top/back/sides. Tone bar bracing, radiused Ebony fretboard and bridge, Schaller tuning gears with Ebony knobs, engraved James tailpiece and vine headstock inlay.

Strong mandolin featuring a dry, woody, classic bluegrass tone. Big `D' string, solid mid-range. Significant volume and a monster bluegrass chop.

This fine mandolin has just returned from Northfield's where it had a total factory re-finish and it is absolutely new. No flaws or blemishes anywhere.

Includes a oblong Loar replica case with vintage green interior. Trades gladly considered.

Price: $3,249.95

1999 Gibson F-5G
1999 Gibson F-5G


1999 Gibson F-5GMore Details
Derrington era F-5G that is in tremendous shape and sounds sensational. I'd be willing to bet that Sim Daley was involved in building this 'G', during his early tenure at Gibson. It's quite impressive.

Specs; solid Sitka Spruce top in a tobacco sunburst gloss lacquer finish, figured Maple back/sides/neck in an antique brown gloss lacquer finish. Top is ivoroid bound. Flat Ebony fretboard with mother-of-pearl position dots and scooped extention and nickel hardware including Grover tuning gears and traditional tailpiece engraved with "The Gibson". Mother-of-pearl flowerpot headstock inlay.

Near mint overall condition. Top has one tiny lacquer ding just above bass f-hole and headstock has a ding and some scrapes and scuffs likely from a clip-on tuner. Otherwise really clean, particularly for a 17 year old instrument. Probably has seen recent fret dress and has a pro set up.

This is a stellar sounding F-5G featuring signature Gibson tone; woody, dry and warm with a lot of mid-range "pop". Features excellent balance across the strings. Plenty loud and a strong chop. Outstanding bluegrass mandolin.

Includes Travelite style case, or swap it out for a Hiscox for an extra $130. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $3,599.95

2010 Ellis A-5 Special
2010 Ellis A-5 Special


2010 Ellis A-5 SpecialMore Details
Here's a bit of a rarity, as Tom Ellis has only produced a few A-5 Specials. Vast majority of his A's are the Deluxe model. The Special is his upper crust model and features upgrades over the deluxe which include; a modified flowerpot & fern headstock inlay (Deluxe has vine inlay) and 3-ply bindings throughout (including sides and fretboard) and gold hardware.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, highly figured one piece Maple back, Maple sides & neck in a dark sunburst oil varnished finish, 3-ply bindings throughout, radiused Ebony fretboard, abbreviated Ebony pickguard and an Ellis speed neck.

Gold hardware includes; engraved James tailpiece and Waverly tuning gears with pearl buttons. An elegant Abalone flower pot & fern headstock round out the appointmets.

An outstanding sounding mandolin that features dark, dry and dynamic voice with excellent depth and balance. Beasty chop. Plays extremely well.

Near mint condition. Has a couple light scratches on the back, perhaps from a button. That's it. Original owner added a strap button.

Includes Canadian gold tweed hard shell case. Trades Gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $4,749.95

2008 Eastman MD-815V
2008 Eastman MD-815V


2008 Eastman MD-815VMore Details
Very nice Chinese built mandolin from Eastman Music Company. This model features a spectacular sunburst oil varnish finish and a Red Spruce top.

Specs; Solid Adirondack Spruce top, figured Maple back/sides/neck in a hand rubbed oil varnish finish with 3-ply bindings throughout. Radiused Ebony fretboard with Mother-of-Pearl position dots. Gold hardware includes Schaller tuners and Allen style cast tailpiece.

Very good sounding Eastman featuring a dry, clear tone and excellent volume. Outstanding playability as well.

Excellent-minus to excellent condition. Top shows some play wear with scratches and dings, mainly below the fretboard from pinky drag and pick scratches. Also has some dings around treble f-hole. Frets show some wear, but on the minor side and a long way from needing any work. Also has a light footprint from an armrest (cork) that has been removed.

Includes Eastman semi-hard travel style case that is in fair condition. Kind of dirty and zippers have been removed. Clips and lock still function.

Price: $1,299.95