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2003 Gibson Adam Steffey F-5
2003 Gibson Adam Steffey F-5

Got Radius?

2003 Gibson Adam Steffey F-5More Details
We bought this mandolin from Danny Roberts around four years ago and sold it rather quickly. Now we've got it back on consignment as the owner is having symptoms of M.A.S. and/or G.A.S.

Specs; Sitka Spruce Top, Flamed Eastern Hard Maple Back/Sides/Neck in a dark sunburst gloss lacquer finish. Side Bound Top and Back. Bound, Radiused Ebony Fretboard, 1-1/16" @ Bone Nut. Tailpiece cover engraved w/ "Gibson" and "Adam Steffey", M.O.P. Fleur-de-Lis Headstock Inlay. Signature Abalone Truss Rod Cover.

Outstanding bluegrass tone; dry, warm and woody with excellent mid-range "pop", plenty of depth and clear highs. Good mid-range "pop". Killer chop.

Excellent condition overall, but does show signs of play wear, mainly light finish scratches and a few pings and dings. Has a fair amount of ultra light pick marks below the strings and back has some light finish scratching. Headstock has some string scratches and point at top of headstock has a small chip in the finish.

Recent work by Lynn Dudenbostel includes: set up, finish removed from back of neck (speed neck) and frets dressed.

This Adam Steffey Limited Edition is number 38 of 50 and was signed by Danny Roberts on February 28, 2003.

Includes rectangular TKL hard shell case. Inside hinge strap is MIA. Trades gladly considered on this fine made in America instrument.

Price: $5,499.95

2014 Skip Kelley A-5 s/n 47 **SOLD**
2014 Skip Kelley A-5 s/n 47 **SOLD**

Banjo Assassin!

2014 Skip Kelley A-5 s/n 47 **SOLD**More Details
Another remarkable A-5 from MandoMutt's good friend, Skip Kelley. This one features a Redwood top, which are our absolute favorites. In fact, I love Skip's Redwood topped mandolins so much, I bought one. It's my one and only.

Specs; California Redwood top, Big Leaf Curly Maple back/sides/neck, "Faded Leather" varnished semi-gloss varnished finish, 3-ply bindings throughout, radiused Ebony fretboard, Claro walnut headstock overlay with Abalone Modified Fern inlay. Gold hardware includes engraved James tailpiece and Elite tuning gears.

Very lively and powerful mandolin with a dry, wide open sound. Really rings. Excellent "pop" to the notes and nicely balanced. Freight train chop. Loud and responsive.

This is a new instrument, but does have one tiny ding on the headstock. Builders Limited Warranty and Superior hard shell case are included.

Price: $2,849.95

2004 Collings MF **SOLD**
2004 Collings MF **SOLD**


2004 Collings MF **SOLD**More Details
Early Collings F-5 mandolin, s/n 337. This mandolin is a cut above the MF pack, featuring a remarkably mature voice.

Specs; Adirondack Spuce top, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a traditional medium dark matte lacquer finish. Top is tortoise bound. Radisued Ebony fretboard and nickle hardware includes cast Collings tailpiece and Gotoh tuning gears.

Remarkable, played-in sound with rich, dry and woody tone with powerful "pop". Sounds more traditional than your typical MF model. Responsive. Huge chop.

Excellent condition. Does have 10 years of play wear. In the middle between Mint and Player. Top has pick marks and a nice pinky shine below the strings and a couple small dings. Finish is somewhat worn on tailpiece. Headstock has some string scratches and edges of headstock are scratched from clip-on tuner.

Includes original hard shell case with Collings label. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $3,249.95

2011 Collings MF Gloss Top
2011 Collings MF Gloss Top


2011 Collings MF Gloss TopMore Details
Out with the old, in with the new. We just sold a standard MF and we've already filled it's spot with a gloss top model. This mandolin is super nice and features several upgrades on the standard MF model, including; Gloss top, gloss headstock and an abbreviated, tortoise bound Ebony pickguard.

Other specs; Adirondack Spruce top, highly flamed Maple back/sides/neck in the standard Collings sunburst finish, Tortoise style bound top, radiused Ebony fretboard and chrome hardware including cast Collings tailpiece and tuning gears with Ebony knobs.

Features a warm, woody voice with excellent depth, but nicely balanced throughout the spectrum. Superb "pop" and bluegrass chop. Sweet set up too, plays easy.

Excellent to Excellent plus condition. Has a couple ting pings, some superficial pick marks and a light finish blemish or two. Frets have some wear, but do not need any work at this time. Top coat is slightly cloudy in a small area adjacent to the tailpiece and finish has been removed from back of neck (speed neck).

Includes shaped Collings case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $3,749.95

2013 Girouard A-5 s/n 66
2013 Girouard A-5 s/n 66


2013 Girouard A-5 s/n 66More Details
MandoMutt just can't seem to get enough of these Girouard mandolins. These little A-style gems are the best bargain on the mandolin planet right now. A varnished finish, impeccable fit and finish, delightful set up and stellar sound. All for under $2500!

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, Big Leaf Maple back/sides/neck in a light caramel sunburst varnished finish, 3-ply (t/w/b) tortoise bound body radiused Ebony fretboard with M.O.P. position dots, Macassar Ebony headstock overlay, Cumberland Acoustics bridge and nickle hardware including Grover tuning gears and an engraved traditional tailpiece.

Another incredible sounding Girouard. Warm, woody and dry. Outstanding volume and a big, big chop. A fine bluegrass mandolin, but versatile. I think it'll sound great in just about any musical setting. Articulate and responsive.

Also a very lightweight instrument and features a perfect setup. A delightful instrument to play.

Beat the recent price increase. Girouard mandolins recently increased their new instrument pricing by 10%. Save this fully bound model at old pricing structure.

We picked this Girouard up in a trade with another dealer, but it is a brand new instrument offered with builders Warranty and Travelite case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $2,249.95

2006 Phoenix Bluegrass **SOLD**
2006 Phoenix Bluegrass **SOLD**

Elegant Beast!

2006 Phoenix Bluegrass **SOLD**More Details
Rolfe Gerhardt should be known as the King of the 2-Point Mandolin or at lease the Crown Prince...This man has built, what, about 10,000 of these little gems? Surely does have it down. Absolutely impeccable. Hard to find anything to not like on one of these. Well, except for that scroll thing....

But, if you don't suffer from scroll envy or whatever, this mandolin has it all. Playability, Ear and Eye Candy.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, extreme flamed maple back and sides, tiger striped Maple neck and an exquisite traditional sunburst in a hybrid varnished finish. Radiused Ebony fretboard with Abalone position dot's, Abalone "phoenix" headstock inlay and Grover tuning machines.

Certainly rates as a bluegrass powerhouse, deep, dark and woody. Provides plenty of volume as well and a massive chop. Most impressive!

Near mint condition overall. Has a few tiny string scratches on the headstock, ultra light fret wear (almost none, really) and that's about it. Extremely clean. Why spend $4800 on a new one?

Includes original black Phoenix (eastman style) fiberglass case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $3,149.95