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Kentucky KM-300E Mandolin
Kentucky KM-300E Mandolin

4 String Electric

Kentucky KM-300E MandolinMore Details
Cool little pac-rim electric. Everybody needs one of these in their herd, right?

Specs; Solid basswood body with tobacco sunburst gloss lacquer finish, single ply bound top and fretboard. Maple neck, flat Rosewood fretboard, adjustable Rosewood bridge, cast deco style tailpiece, nickle hardware, lipstick tube neck pickup, volume and tone knobs and mini Schaller tuners.

Gently used, near mint condition. Shows ultra light play wear and very minor fret wear. Super clean.

Includes a new Cordoba Concert gig bag. Actually a uke gig bag, but mandolin fits very nicely.

Price: $199.95

1998 Manoel Andrade Bandolim **SOLD**
1998 Manoel Andrade Bandolim **SOLD**


1998 Manoel Andrade Bandolim **SOLD**More Details
Choro, Choro!! Handcrafted by Bazilian builder Manoel Andrade, this extraordinary instrument is made for Brazilian Choro music, but will fit quite nicely in just about any other genre as well.

Specs; Solid Spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, gloss finish, ornate multi-ply bindings, exquisite soundhole rosette and radiused Ebony fretboard. 13-3/4" scale length and 1-1/8" nut width.

Other appointments include a one piece bone bridge, bone nut and gold hardware including cast tailpiece and Schaller A-style tuning gears.

Brazilian rosewood back has a professionally repaired crack, otherwise this bandolim is in near mint condition. Ultra light fret wear.

Includes fuax alligator case. Trades gladly considered.

Price: $1,999.95

2014 Collings MF-Gloss Top
Special / Sale Price - 2014 Collings MF-Gloss Top

Clean Machine!

2014 Collings MF-Gloss TopMore Details
Super fine gloss top Collings MF model. Want to own a like new Collings at a pre-owned price? Let's make a deal!

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top in a darkish sunburst gloss lacquer finish, highly flamed Maple back/sides/neck in satin finish, Tortoise style bound top, radiused Ebony fretboard and nickel hardware including cast Collings tailpiece and tuning gears with Ebony knobs.

Features a warm, woody voice with excellent depth, but nicely balanced throughout the spectrum. Superb "pop" and bluegrass chop. Sweet set up too, plays easy.

Mint condition. No flaws or blemishes. No fret wear.

Includes shaped Collings case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $3,499.95
Price: $3,299.95

2011 Eastman DGM1
2011 Eastman DGM1

Dawg On!!!

2011 Eastman DGM1More Details
Way cool mandolin inspired by the Giacomel J-5 from David "Dawg" Grisman's collection and built by Corrado Giacomel.

Specs; solid Spruce top, AAA flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a natural gloss lacquer finish. 3-ply bindings throughout, radiused Ebony fretboard with M.O.P. block inlays, Ebony bridge, X-braced, contemporary torch/flowerpot headstock inlay and of course the "Dawg" truss rod cover inlay.

Unique look, unique tone. Clear, crisp and sweet, but fully capable of beasthood when necessary. Plenty of power and pop. Quite an instrument, particularly considering the modest price tag.

Excellent condition. Shows some lacquer dings and small scratches. Does have an impression type scratch, approximately 1" long. Back has a small and light area of button rash. Very minor fret wear. Speed neck (finish removed from neck).

Includes Eastman semi-hard "Travelite" style case.

Price: $1,999.95

2002 Gibson F-5G **SOLD**
2002 Gibson F-5G **SOLD**


2002 Gibson F-5G **SOLD**More Details
Derrington era F-5G that is one of the good ones. The F-5G can be a hit or miss model. Some are good, others are so-so and every now and then there's a stand out. This one rates at the top of the heap.

Specs; solid Sitka Spruce top in a tobacco sunburst gloss lacquer finish, figured Maple back/sides/neck in an antique brown gloss lacquer finish. Top is ivoroid bound. Flat Ebony fretboard with mother-of-pearl position dots, and nickel hardware including Grover tuning gears and traditional tailpiece engraved with "The Gibson". Mother-of-pearl flowerpot headstock inlay.

Excellent-minus overall condition. Top has light scratching, an area of microphone rash below treble `f' hole and finish worn away in a tiny area at treble f-hole from pick wear. Back is fairly clean but has a funky area in finish near the tailpiece which is around 1/4" in diameter. May be a touch up spot.

Headstock shows some finish checking and significant string scratching. Frets have moderate wear, but fretwork is not needed at this time.

This is a stellar sounding F-5G featuring signature Gibson tone; woody, dry and warm. Features excellent balance across the strings. Plenty loud and a strong chop. Outstanding bluegrass mandolin and a MandoMutt Hoss. Nice set up too with low action.

If you're a serious picker and more concerned with a great sounding mandolin the offers excellent playability take a good hard look at this Gibson. If you're looking for a clean trophy, it's probably not the one for you.

Includes original TKL shaped case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $3,349.95

2004 Arches A-5 **SOLD**
2004 Arches A-5 **SOLD**

Strong Mandolin!!

2004 Arches A-5 **SOLD**More Details
Haven't seen many Arches mandolins of late, but Chris Baird of Moab, Utah has built some mighty fine instruments since he began some 12 years ago. To be perfectly frank, it would be most difficult to find a mandolin at this price point that is built as well and, more importantly, sounds as good.

Specs; solid Spruce top, highly flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a tobacco `burst hybrid varnish finish, 3-ply bound body and headstock, single ply bound fretboard. Radiused Ebony fretboard with Abalone dot inlays, adjustable Ebony bridge, cast Allen tailpiece and Grover tuning gears. 1-3/16" nut width.

Exceptional sound featuring a dry, woody tone with significant "pop" and power. Responsive and balanced. Wicked bluegrass chop. Nice set-up, really plays easy. Has a speed neck, but finish was not removed, but rather top coat was not applied. Stain only. Very good fit and finish on this Arches, s/n 6.

Excellent-plus to near mint condition, showing only a few tiny pings. Frets are like new. Doesn't appear to have been played much. Does have one area on back of neck, where neck joins the body where the first owner installed a a strap pin (why here???). This area has been filled and touched up, but still somewhat visible.

Includes TKL case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $1,649.95

Rickenbacker 5002V58 Mandolin
Rickenbacker 5002V58 Mandolin


Rickenbacker 5002V58 MandolinMore Details
Just acquired in a trade. We're told that it's a late 90's model.

Specs; Solid body, Maple top and neck in a MapleGlo lacquer finish and Walnut back. Rosewood(?) fingerboard, Vintage Single Coil Toaster Top pickup, Deluxe Vintage machine heads, 13-7/8" scale length and bridge combo tailpiece.

Excellent-plus condition. Has a few tiny pings on top and one small area of finish checking on side. Also has a healthy crack in pickguard.

Includes original Rickenbacker case. Trades gladly considered.

Price: $1,399.95

2005 Daley Classic F-5
2005 Daley Classic F-5


2005 Daley Classic F-5More Details
Handcrafted by Sim Daley, a former Gibson builder who was one of the primary reasons that Derrington era Gibsons are consistently sensational. His solo stuff is even better and it's rare to see a pre-owned Daley mandolin available for purchase. This instrument was formerly owned by five time Grammy award winner, Adam Steffey. You can see and hear Adam play this instrument at;

Specs; Engelmann Spruce top, Curly Maple back/sides/neck in a dark sunburst matte (looks semi-gloss) finish, 3-ply bindings throughout, radiused Ebony fretboard and Abalone Fern headstock inlay.

Original tuning gears have been replaced with Elites and original tailpiece replaced with James tailpiece. Finish has been professionally removed from back of neck, "speed neck".

"Beyond Beast" sound. Dry, woody and dynamic, this mandolin has it all. Stellar mid-range "pop". Power to spare, killer chop. Sensational bluegrass mandolin. A local friend once called one of our previous Daley's a "Gibson on steroids". Very appropriate and certainly applies with this hoss.

Excellent condition overall. Does show some pings, dings and light finish scratches in the thin finish. Some fret wear, but no need for work for some time yet. Definitely pleasing to the eye and ear with a vintage sound and look.

Trades gladly considered on this fine American instrument.

Price: $6,499.95