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2015 Skip Kelley F-5
Special / Sale Price - 2015 Skip Kelley F-5


2015 Skip Kelley F-5 More Details
This Kelley F-5, s/n 51 has been with Adam Steffey for the last year (see our home page for a link to Adam playing this mandolin at last years IBMA), but just returned in exchange for a new Kelley with a California Redwood top. So, it's been broken in by a master. Kind of like having Manny Machado break in your new baseball mitt. In any event, we're calling it "used", with warranty and discounting it by $500 off new pricing.

Specs; 20+ year old Adirondack Spruce top, Big Leaf Maple back/sides/neck in an antigue sunburst, hand rubbed stain and varnish finish, tortoise bindings throughout, flat Rosewood fretboard with mother-of-pearl dot inlays. Also features tone bar bracing, hide glue assembly, engraved James tailpiece and Golden Age tuning gears.

Big, wide open, dynamic sound. Quite powerful, but all Skip Kelley mandolins are. Still somewhat tight, but sounds incredible right out of the box. Rich, woody tone. Beasty chop. Destined for supreme beasthood. Will excel on stage, in studio or at your local festival's campground jam.

This is a slightly used instrument, but offered with builders Limited Warranty instrument. Adam did play it and it shows light play wear. Has a few superficial scratches/marks on the top and minor fret wear. Also has one minor blemish. Skip had a screwdriver mishap on the top side of the neck near headstock and nut, while installing tuner screws. He touched it up, but still shows somewhat.

Includes rectangular TKL case with blue interior.

Trades are gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $5,999.95
Price: $5,499.95

2012 Skip Kelley A-5 **SOLD***
2012 Skip Kelley A-5 **SOLD***

The Enforcer!!!

2012 Skip Kelley A-5 **SOLD***More Details
Dynamic A-5 mandolin, s/n 38, recently traded in on a brand new Kelley F-5. All Kelley mandolins are powerful and responsive, but this one has an overdrive. A true banjo slayer.

Specs; Carpathian Spruce top, Big Leaf Maple back/sides/neck an antique sunburst, hand rubbed varnish finish. Triple bound (b/w/b) body, fretboard and headstock, radiused Ebony fretboard, engraved James tailpiece, Elite tuning gears and topped off with a modified "vine" Abalone inlay.

As mentioned, this mandolin is very responsive with a warm, dry, somewhat dark tone and an exceptional mid-range combined with clear, cutting highs. Big, bossy bluegrass chop. Lightweight, but powerful. Excellent choice for bluegrass music. Will excel on stage, in studio or festival parking lot picking.

Near mint condition. Previous owner installed an arm rest which has been removed, but finish shows a slight footprint from the arm rest cork.

Includes a Golden Gate hard shell case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $2,399.95

2015 Skip Kelley A-5
Special / Sale Price - 2015 Skip Kelley A-5

Phenomenal Sound!

2015 Skip Kelley A-5More Details
We love Skip Kelley's A-5 mandolins. They're very light weight but provide the same responsive sound and traditional tone as his F-5's.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, one piece Big Leaf Maple back, Maple sides and neck in an antique sunburst, hand applied varnish finish. 3-ply Tortoise bound body, single ply Tortoise bound fretboard and headstock, flat Ebony fretboard, Monteleone style tailpiece, Schaller tuning gears, tone bars, hide glue construction and "speed neck".

This mandolin has a remarkable voice. Dry, woody and very responsive. Sound you can feel. One of those mandolins that you know is good from minute you start tuning. A light weight instrument with a heaveyweight voice.

This is a pre-owned mandolin,in near mint condition. Has a light impression type scratch below strings and near treble f-hole, a string scratch on the headstock and light fret wear.

Includes a basic hard shell case and a Hogan leather strap. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $2,349.95
Price: $2,249.95

2012 Breedlove American (Premier) OF
Special / Sale Price - 2012 Breedlove American (Premier) OF

American Made Value!

2012 Breedlove American (Premier) OF More Details
Mighty fine, made in the USA teardrop A-style that's offers an affordable solid wood mandolin that's an exceptional upgrade from a beginner or a solid back-up. The American OF is essentially the same model as today's Premier OF.

Specs; solid Sitka Spruce top, Solid Western Maple back/sides/neck in a tradtional sunburst satin finish, tone bar bracing, radiused Radiused Ebony fretboard w/ M.O.P. position dots, adjustable Ebony bridge, black cast tailpiece and nickel tuning gears with vintage style Ivoroid buttons.

Very good sound. Dry, woody tone. Nicely balanced with a stout chop. Barks like a Big Dawg! Definitely out-performs a comparably priced pac-rim.

Near mint condition. Minor fretwear, otherwise mint. Very clean.

Includes Breedlove hardshell case.

Price: $849.95
Price: $749.95

2014 Silverangel F-5
Special / Sale Price - 2014 Silverangel F-5

Monster Sound!!!

2014 Silverangel F-5More Details
Distressed Silverangel, s/n 350. Recently re-topped by Ken Ratcliff from his stash of 150+ year old Redwood. MandoMutt loves Redwood topped mandolins.

Specs; 150+ year old Redwood top, one piece Red Maple back, Red Maple sides and neck in a antique burst, satin finish with 3-ply bindings throughout. Radiused Ebony fretboard, cast bronze tailpiece and Golden Age tuning gears with black knobs. Also has a "speed neck", 1-3/16" nut width Mother-of-Pear headstock inlays.

If you're a fan of deep, woody tone, you'll love this mandolin. The aged redwood provides a mellow warmth that sounds delightfully vintage.
Killer A string. Plenty of power and a monster chop too.

Near mint condition. Fit and finish is okay, but not great. A little rough around the edges, but it is distressed.

Includes a black Bobelock fiberglass case with fitted case cover. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $2,749.95
Price: $2,599.95

2016 Collings MF-5
Special / Sale Price - 2016 Collings MF-5

hot, Hot, HOT!!!

2016 Collings MF-5More Details
Another super fine Collings mandolin that features Abalone Fern headstock inlay, Tortoise bindings, and, of course, the impeccable Collings fit and finish.

Specs: Nicely figured Adirondack Spruce top, intensely flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a cremona burst gloss lacquer finish with tortoise bindings. Radiused Ebony fretboard, Fern headstock inlay and gold hardware includes cast Collings tailpiece and Gotoh tuning machines with black buttons.

Outstanding sound. More in the modern camp to my ears. Deep, dark and woody. Big volume and chunky chop. A new mandolin that sounds incredible right out of the box. Versatile instrument that's sure to please.

New condition without flaw or blemish.

Includes Collings hard shell case. Trades gladly considered on this fine, American made instrument.

Price: $5,999.95
Price: $5,599.95

2016 Greene F-5 **SOLD**
2016 Greene F-5 **SOLD**


2016 Greene F-5 **SOLD**More Details
Brand new mandolin from a new builder, Mr. James Greene out of Rogersville, Tennessee. This fine F-5 is James' 5th mandolin. Impressive instrument and a true value in an American made f-style.

Specs: European Spruce top, Red Maple back/sides/ neck is a tobacco burst, spirit varnish finish. Single Ivoroid binding throughout, radiused Ebony fretboard, 1-1/8" nut width and tone bar bracing. Nickel hardware includes traditional tailpiece with hand engraved cover and Grover tuning gears. Topped off with a Mother-of-Pearl cross and vine inlay.

This mandolin sounds quite good right out of the box and features a dry, woody tone. Real traditional, mid-rangy voice. Power to spare and a strong chop. Once the European Spruce opens up, this mandolin will be a beast.

New mandolin without flaw or blemish. Includes hard shell case and builder warranty.

Trades considered on this fine, American made instrument.

Price: $2,999.95

2016 Collings MT-GT Wide Nut
2016 Collings MT-GT Wide Nut

Simply Sensational!

2016 Collings MT-GT Wide NutMore Details
Way nice, upgraded Collings MT featuring gloss gloss top and wide neck options. Handsome dark burst too.

Specs; Ivoroid bound Engelmann Spruce top in a dark walnut sunburst gloss lacquer finish, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a satin lacquer finish. Adjustable Ebony bridge, radiused Ebony fretboard, 1-3/16" nut width, Gotoh tuning machines (thank goodness they are moving away from the crappy tuners they've been using for the past few years!!!) with Ivoroid knobs and cast tailpiece.

A delightful sounding mandolin that a deep, dark and woody tone. Provides plenty of pop and power and projects quite well. Wicked bluegrass chop.

New condition without flaw or blemish. Includes Collings case. Trades considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $2,299.95

2006 Kimble A-5
2006 Kimble A-5

Killer Sound!!!

2006 Kimble A-5More Details
Super special A-5 handcrafted by Will Kimble, this example, s/n 103, Rocks the Casbah. One of Will's finest, in the Mutt's humble opinion. Really strong voice, extraordinary woods and light weight. Sure to please.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce Top, insane flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a light, vintage sunburst varnished finish. 3-ply bindings throughout, radiused Ebony fretboard, Abalone "Vine" headstock inlay, engraved James tailpiece, abbreviated tortoise style pickguard and Schaller tuning machines with Ivoroid buttons.

Dynamic tone, featuring dry, woody pop. Lot's of dry. Screaming `E' string, all the way up the neck. Quite responsive with a powerful bluegrass chop. A real crowd pleaser.

Near mint condition showing light play wear. A couple string scratches on the peghead and light fret wear. Nut may be a replacement. Very clean 10 year old mandolin.

Includes shaped TKL Premier case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $4,499.95

2013 Northfield  NF-F5M ***SOLD**
2013 Northfield NF-F5M ***SOLD**


2013 Northfield  NF-F5M ***SOLD**More Details
Spectacular Northfield Master Model F-5. This one features the modern setup , but a remarkable traditional bluegrass sound.

Specs; Premium Adirondack Spruce top, Premium Red Maple back/sides/neck in a traditional cremona burst varnish finish, 3-ply bindings throughout, tone bar bracing, radiused Ebony fretboard and bridge, Schaller tuning gears with Ebony knobs, engraved James tailpiece and vine headstock inlay. Abbreviated Ebony pickguard also triple bound.

Traditional sound featuring a dry, woody tone with excellent balance and sustain. Plenty of volume and a monster bluegrass chop.

Excellent condition overall. Does have some play wear with a ding or three on the top, finish blemish and some light scratches on back. One small area of button scratching and finish pings on back near lower point. Has a light armrest footprint on back. Marks from clip-on tuner and a string scratch on the headstock. Light to medium fretwear.

Includes a Loar copy oblong case with vintage green interior. Trades gladly considered.

Price: $3,249.95

1978 Monteleone F-5 Fern
1978 Monteleone F-5 Fern

Rare F-5!!!

1978 Monteleone F-5 FernMore Details
Built by John Monteleone and patterned after a 1925-26 Gibson Fern. According to my client, Monteleone built 16 F-5 Ferns with Monteleone inlay in the headstock during this time period. This example is s/n 21, a well-played instrument with a significant amount of honest play wear and a phenomenal voice. John completed this exceptional mandolin exactly 38 years ago today, 07/15/1978.

Specs; Alpine Spruce top, European Maple back/sides/neck in a cremona sunburst, thin gloss lacquer finish, 3-ply bound body, 2-ply bindings on fretboard and headstock. Radiused Ebony fretboard with large fret wire and parallel tone bars. Gold hardware includes Monteleone/Allen style tailpiece and Schaller tuning gears and Abalone Fern headstock inlay.

This instrument features a richness and purity of tone that is nearly incomparable. It has the best of two worlds; built by one of the mandolin worlds master builders and has been played for thousands of hours in it's 38 years. It provides a dry, warm and woody tone. Versatile voice. Extremely powerful with a stellar chop. Likely sounds very close to the Fern it was patterned after. Outstanding playability.

Naturally distressed mandolin shows significant play wear, as seen in photos. Three top cracks professionally repaired years ago by Bob Jones of Brooklyn, N.Y., two adjacent to tailpiece and one adjacent to fretboard extension on the bass side. Back filled area on headstock repaired in later years after tuners were replaced. Frets show light to medium wear. Do not require work at this time.

Includes Canadian shaped hard shell case with some tasteful case stickers. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $17,500.00

2016 Skip Kelley A-5
2016 Skip Kelley A-5


2016 Skip Kelley A-5More Details
One of two X-braced A-5's Skip Kelley brought us yesterday. This one is s/n 56 and has a Red Spruce top. It's sister, s/n 57 sports a California Redwood top and will be on it's way to Adam Steffey this week!

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, Big Leaf Maple back/sides/neck in an Antique burst hand rubbed oil varnish finish with Rippled Ivoroid bindings throughout. Ebony fretboard with 12" radius and gold Evo frets, Adirondack Spruce X-bracing, engraved James tailpiece, Rubner tuning gears with black buttons, Mother-of-Pearl "Crown" headstock inlay and truss rod cover, modified Loar style Ebony bridge and hide glue construction.

Extraordinary sound. Skips mandolins are all very powerful and responsive, in fact, we believe the Kelley mandolins are at the top of the power mando list alongside Daley and Red Diamonds. This example sounds incredible right out of the box and features a woody, vintage Loar sound with outstanding balance and projection. Massive bluegrass chop.

This is a brand new instrument and includes a TKL case, Hogan leather strap and builders Limited Warranty.

Fully loaded, cooking on gas and ready to rock! Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $3,249.95