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2013 Skip Kelley F-5 **SOLD***
2013 Skip Kelley F-5 **SOLD***

Incredible Sound!

2013 Skip Kelley F-5 **SOLD***More Details
This monster mandolin, Skips 41st, was sold new bu MandoMutt back in early 2013. Original owner just purchased a brand new Redwood topped Skip Kelley, so this fine example is available again. We're getting $6500 for new Kelley F-5's, so this one is a bargain, considering it's in nearly new condition.

Specs; aged Adirondack Spruce (from the late Ted Davis' stash) top, heavily flamed Maple back/sides/neck in an antique sunburst, oil varnish finish with french polish top coat. Triple bound (w/b/i) throughout, radiused Honduran Rosewood fretboard, engraved James tailpiece, Schaller tuning gears and Claro Walnut headstock overlay with Mother-of-Pearl flowerpot inlay.

Beyond Beast sound. The Red Spruce has opened up nicely and features an evenly balanced, classic bluegrass tone. Very responsive and a banjo crushing chop. Comparable to a pair of Daley Vintage mandolins we've had, "like a Gibson on steroids."

Near mint condition. Has minor fretwear, otherwise mint.

Includes rectangular case with vintage green interior.

Trades gladly considered on this fine made in America instrument.

Price: $4,499.95

2013 Ken Hooper F-5
2013 Ken Hooper F-5


2013 Ken Hooper F-5More Details
Remarkable F-5 handcrafted by Ken Hooper (, out of Elkin, NC. Ken has an established and highly respected name in the acoustic guitar world. He has built several mandolins in addition to this example, built to Loar specs, being s/n 3.

Specs; Adirondack Spruce top, highly flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a lighter caramel sunburst, varnish finish. Single ply bound fretboard, 3-ply bindings on body and headstock. Radiused Ebony fretboard, modified vine headstock inlay and nickel hardware includes James tailpiece and Waverly tuning gears.

Traditional Loar-like sound featuring a dry woody tone, a strong chop and big, big volume. A banjo slayer with a Beyond Beast voice!

Excellent condition overall showing light play wear. Has a small ding or two and a few scratches on the top. Back shows one small area of button rash. Back of headstock is lightly scarred, likely from a clip-on tuner. Minor fret wear.

Includes Superior fiberglass case, white exterior, black interior. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $3,499.95

2016 Gibson F-5 Custom Gold Top
2016 Gibson F-5 Custom Gold Top


2016 Gibson F-5 Custom Gold TopMore Details
Eye Candy. This Custom Gibson is remarkable in every way featuring a unique Les Paul style gloss Gold Top that has a rich beauty that our photos fail to capture (in fact, this was a very difficult mandolin to photograph), combined with a majestic voice. Other custom appointments and upgrades include the wide neck option, radiused fretboard a large fret wire.

Specs; Sitka Spruce top in a Gold gloss lacquer finish and highly figured Maple back/sides/neck in a dark chocolate gloss lacquer finish. Top is triple bound with single Ivoroid bound fretboard. Radiused Rosewood fretboard with large fret wire, 1-3/16" nut width, tone bar bracing, Grover tuning gears and Flowerpot headstock inlay.

Big, bossy sound highlighted by a warm, woody tone and outstanding volume and sustain. Percussive chop. This fine Gibson is sure to please and impress on stage, studio or parking lot jams.

Mint condition without flaw or blemish. Excellent set up.

Includes original Gibson TKL case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $4,749.95

2012 Mowry F-5
Special / Sale Price - 2012 Mowry F-5


2012 Mowry F-5More Details
Hard to out do a Mowry mandolin. Andrew does such meticulous work. Serious eye candy. This one owner offering, s/n 81 features a lovely Engelmann Spruce top, handsome one piece back, Waverly tuning machines and an incredible voice.

Specs: Engelmann Spruce top, figured Maple back/sides/neck in an antique cinnamon burst, varnished finish with 3-ply bindings throughout. Radiused Ebony fretboard with floral inlays and EVO frets, tone bar bracing and elegant Mother-of-Pearl headstock inlay. Gold hardware includes engraved James tailpiece and Waverly tuning gears with pearl buttons.

Delightful sounding instrument. Warm, rich and articulate with excellent clarity and note definition and complex overtones.. Good volume and chop. Versatile voice.

Excellent-plus condition. Has a few light pick marks below fretboard, some light marking around bridge base and what appears to be light button marks where arm rests. Back of headstock has a tiny bubble in the top coat. No fret wear to mention.

Includes a Collings shaped case. Trades gladly considered on this fine, American made instrument.

Price: $5,249.95
Price: $4,999.95

2013 Kentucky KM-950
2013 Kentucky KM-950


2013 Kentucky KM-950More Details
It just doesn't get any better than this in the under $1K club. In fact, it rarely gets better in the under $4K club either! Sensational sounding mandolin with a radius fretboard and a lovely burst.

Specs; select solid Spruce top, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a cremona sunburst gloss lacquer finish, 3-ply (w/b/w) bindings throughout, radius Ebony fretboard, tone bar bracing, Fleur-de-Lis headstock inlay and nickel hardware including Gotoh tuning machines.

Very powerful bluegrass mandolin that features a dry, woody tone. Responsive and nicely balanced with exceptional sustain and a banjo bustin' chop. We've had a lot of mandolins priced at $5K plus that don't sound as strong as this little gem.

Excellent condition. Top has some play wear with some finger nail scratches in the "pinky plant" zone and some light markings on the bass side from a Tone Gard. Bridge has been moved at some point to correct intonation and finish shows a "shadow" of original location. Very light, but it is there. Minor fret wear.

Includes Golden Gate hard shell case.

Price: $899.95

2016 Gibson Custom F-5 **SOLD**
2016 Gibson Custom F-5 **SOLD**


2016 Gibson Custom F-5 **SOLD**More Details
Impressive Gibson mandolin, built exclusively for The Mandolin Store. It's basically an F-5L with a flower pot headstock inlay combined with upgrades; radiused fretboard, scooped extension, speed neck and large fret wire. Fantastic sound too. Label signed by David Harvey.

Specs; Sitka Spruce top, highly figured Maple back/sides/neck in an iced tea burst, gloss lacquer finish. 3-ply bound top, single bound back, fretboard and headstock, radiused Ebony fretboard, tone bar bracing, Flower pot headstock inlay and Grover tuning machines.

Monster sound features a dry, woody, classic Gibson tone. Excellent bluegrass mandolin with big volume and strong, percussive chop. A hoss.

Near mint condition. Back shows slight armrest shadow and headstock finish has a very light finish impression from clip-on tuner. Otherwise showroom clean.

Includes original TKL Gibson case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made mandolin.

Price: $4,999.95

2011 Red Diamond F-5
2011 Red Diamond F-5

Vintage 24

2011 Red Diamond F-5More Details
Hard to find fault with a Red Diamond. We've had a few, but this is our first Vintage model. Certainly has the vintage Loar kind of sound, feel and appearance. Extraordinary. This example, s/n 220 features a lovely one piece back, top shelf appointments and a Hoffee case.

Specs: Vintage Voiced Adirondack Spruce top, Hard Curly Maple back/sides/neck in a Cremona Burst, hand rubbed varnish with 3-ply bindings body and fretboard, single bound headstock, radius Ebony fretboard, tone bar bracing, Silver Waverly tuning machines with Mother-of-Pearl buttons, hide glue construction, engraved hinged tailpiece and Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone Flower Pot headstock inlay.

A delicious sounding mandolin featuring woody, warm and super dry tone with outstanding clarity and note definition. Quite powerful and responsive. Perfect chop. Reminiscent of a couple of the better Gibson Master Models we've had and would likely stack up well with a 1923 Gibson F-5 I've played.

Excellent cosmetic condition. Does show some play wear on the top with some finish scratches and small dings. Light finish blemishes, two on top edges near each f-hole and one near center of back, perhaps from an instrument stand. Headstock has some light string scratches and nicks and scuffs around top edges from clip-on tuner.

A Beyond Beast award winner, our first since 2016 (Skip Kelley F-5) and only the 15th BB since the awards inception in 2008. It joins several Master Models, a pair on Daley Vintage models, a couple Gilchrist F-5's and a few other select extraordinary mandolins.

Includes blue Hoffee case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $10,999.95

2017 Skip Kelley A-5
2017 Skip Kelley A-5

Mighty Mando!!!

2017 Skip Kelley A-5More Details
Another sensational mandolin from MandoMutt's favorite builder, Skip Kelley. We've been selling Skip's mandolins exclusively since early 2009 and I think this is the first Engelmann topped mandolin we've had since s/n 18. Coincidentally that one was one of the best sounding mandolin's Skip has ever built. This offering is right there. Very strong.

Specs: Engelmann Spruce top, Big Leaf Maple one piece back, sides and necks, in a vintage burst, hand rubbed oil varnish finish, hide glue construction, 3-ply bindings throughout, radiused Ebony fretboard, tone bar bracing and four leaf clover headstock inlay. Nickel hardware includes engraved James tailpiece and Gibson Grover tuning gears.

Spectacular sound featuring warm, deep and woody tones. Explosive volume and punchy bluegrass chop that you can feel all the way to your toes. A thumper.

Brand new mandolin, s/n 62, label signed 9/21/17. Offered with a Cedar Creek 2-pt mandolin case and builders Limited Warranty.

Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $3,249.95

2011 Weber Gallatin F
2011 Weber Gallatin F


2011 Weber Gallatin FMore Details
Marvelous Weber that features a lovely tone and a Spruce top at an affordable price point. Looks and sounds richer than it's price tag!

Specs: Spruce top, flamed Maple back/sides/neck in a Faded Leather finish. Radiused Ebony fretboard, Ebony Brekke bridge, parallel tone bar bracing and nickel hardware that includes cast Weber tailpiece and Schaller tuning gears.

Very impressive voice that features a dry, woody tone with excellent mid-range "pop". Powerful A-string. Very good volume. Stout bluegrass chop.

Near mint condition. Has a couple tiny marks on the hook scroll, some light pick marks below fretboard, one tiny ding on back and a couple scrapes on the back, top edge of headstock, otherwise very clean.

Includes original Weber case. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

Price: $1,999.95

2002 Dearstone F-5M Master Model
2002 Dearstone F-5M Master Model

Red HOT!!!

2002 Dearstone F-5M Master ModelMore Details
Ray Dearstone has been handcrafting mandolins in the high country of Northeastern Tennessee for over 30 years and builds some of the finest instruments available. Dearstone mandolins are played by some well respected pickers as well, including Shawn Lane of Blue Highway and the late Dempsey Young.

Specs: Redwood top and figured Maple back/sides/neck in a vintage wine hand rubbed lacquer finish. 3-ply (w/b/w) bindings on top/back/headstock, single Ivoroid bound fretboard. Flat Ebony fretboard with EVO frets (recent replacements), Allen tailpiece, Flower Pot headstock inlay and Schaller tuning machines. Gold hardware.

Powerful mandolin featuring big mid-range "pop". Killer D-string. Dry, articulate sound with excellent note definition. Big volume and beasty bluegrass chop. Recent set up and EVO fret replacement by Ward Elliott.

Excellent condition with play wear conducive to a 15 year old mandolin. Has a some light scratches and tiny dings on the top in several locations, but mainly on the scroll. Peghead shows a few string marks and such. Finish is dulled in an area approximately the size of a nickel where the arm rests. May be an arm rest footprint.

Includes an older Superior Loar style case. Trades gladly considered on this fine USA built mandolin.

Price: $3,999.95